Posted 8/19/2015

We would like to proudly announce that we have added the ability to do Home Inspections as well, and give a BIG WELCOME to our new member John Hensley! With a number of certifications and recommendations John is a very thorough inspector and has had many years of contracting and building. Get your house looked over from top to bottom and be provided with a very well detailed report that includes pictures.. Give us a call today to schedule =)

Get MOLD tested and remediate today to prevent bigger issues later!

Posted 8/16/2015

Mold can cause a number of damages not only to your home but to your personal health as well.

Check out this link from the Northern VA Daily about why it is so important to test and remediate MOLD..



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Radon Is The LEADING Cause Of Lung Cancer In Non-Smokers

Posted 6/1/2015

Don't put you and your family at risk, Radon can harm! Take a look at the article in the Northern Virginia Daily..


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Posted 4/30/2015

Commonwealth Inspection Services, LLC is now open for business in the Radon & Mold Testing Services.

We will be doing residential and commercial testing with all brand new state of the art equipment. Accurate reports. 48 hour turnaround times for radon and mold results. The mold results are depending on what day of the week they are sent out since the lab is closed on weekend. But the phones will be answered 7 days a week and work performed also 7 days a week. We have kept our options open to be able to add new and other services as we venture on. 

If you have any questions or suggestions,  please feel free to call.

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